ABBA Under the Stars
May 4, 2024
Altitude @ Marriott Marquis

ABBA Under the Stars


Altitude @ Marriott Marquis

Voulez-Vous the perfect night out? Calling all Super Troupers to Take Chance on this amazing celebration of ABBA's greatest hits! The Winner Takes it All with this unique evening of music that will definitely have you saying- Mama Mia, we need to go AGAIN! Come to the beautiful the Marriott Marquis and take in the beautiful views of downtown Houston while enjoying our celebration to ABBA!

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Doors open 1-hour before start time on your ticket. No late entry is permitted.
Doors open 30-minutes before start time on your ticket. No late entry is permitted.
Age requirement: 21+ with valid ID.
Accessibility: there is no elevator at 
Altitude @ Marriott Marquis
 — you will have to walk up a flight of stairs to access the roof.
Please note: ticket price does not cover tax and tip for the included 2-course meal. An automatic 20% gratuity will be added for the included meal and any additional food & beverage purchased on site.
If temperatures reach below 55 degrees the glass roof will be closed.
The listed program is tentative. Acts may be subject to change.


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Reviews from our


Loved it! I enjoyed all the performances.
Jean Claude S.
My Spouse and I went there to celebrate his birthday and have to admit, I think I did a good job of finding this event because it was a wonderful experience. Something we will never forget. We have been in Chicago 17 years now and this ranks up there as one of our most favorite nights out.
Drew V.
Great event! Beautiful venue and the host was hilarious. I had a good time and would recommend.
Juelles C.
Performance and atmosphere were outstanding!
Patricia L.
Loving Show! It was an experience full of emotions, good vibes and Jazz! Excellent interpretation! Thanks for this night. I want to see them again!
Lilia V.
Great show, very entertaining. Fun venue.
Jackie B.
I especially loved the hair-hanging performance, and the hanging pole performance. That was a really well thought out and put together show. Thank you.
Mark M.
The outside venue was great. Drinks fantastic. The trio and singer were fantastic!!! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to be transported to the music of old Blue Eyes.
Robbie S.
Incredible show, atmosphere and venue, what a wonderful way to spend the evening.
Victoria H.
I'm going back again on August 31st. GREAT show, performances were very well executed, moving.
Nanci H.